Positive Psychology Character Strengths

The developLife-Coachingment of the Character Strengths and Virtues (CSV) handbook by Peterson and Seligman in 1994  represents the first attempt on the part of the research community to identify and classify the positive psychological traits of human beings. Much like the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) of general psychology, the CSV provides a theoretical framework to assist in developing practical applications for positive psychology. The CSV now has substantial empircal evidence. The gold coast psychologist believes in these character strengths that helps build positive psychology. Read more over here……


Psychology Helps Reduce Anxiety

When people tend to get in shell and couldn’t able to express themselves to others then anxiety issues starts to surface. It is the first sign of anxiety attack when you want to say something but couldn’t and just stare at the person. So whenever you felt something like that it is important that you consult with psychologist immediately. Only the psychologist can be able to tell you whether you are suffering from anxiety attacks or not. The gold coast psychologist are happy to share their experience with everyone about psychology. The more people know about psychology less will be the mental health problems. For  info on pelvic tilt problem read here….

Positive Psychology Therapy Sessions

Positive psychology is the new and advanced form of psychology which is introduced in the field of psychology not so long ago. This kind of psychology focus on bringing the good habits out and  make the defaulter motivates to enhance its skills and improve its life. The positive energy is kind of inserted into the body through positive psychology sessions. The gold coast psychologist uses the positive psychology to bring out the best in the person. You can find in details about pelvic tilt issue here…

How the Therapy Works in Australia

When and how a referral to a psychologist is made:

Issues a psychologist can help with:
• Phobias and anxiety disorders
• Eating disorders
• Depression
• Stress and managing emotions, such as anger
• Suicidal behavior
• Assessment for educational, legal or diagnostic purposes
• Assessment and management of neuropsychological conditions
• Rehabilitation, including pain management and life planning

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How to Reduce Anxiety

The anxiety makes you feel stuck and you don’t know how to move out of it. This can lead to panic and you can suffer panic attack suddenly. A lot of “what ifs” are starting to circle in your mind. This is the clear indication that you are going through period of anxiousness. How you can deal with this situation let’s read:

  1. Breathing exercise really helps in this situation. You just have to regulate the breathing in and out of your body and you will feel the relaxation after few seconds. Just hold onto it and make the anxiousness go away.
  2. Mostly anxiety happens when you are doing something for the first time in your life. You don’t know how it is going to pan out and how are you going to look in front of the others. All these moments of insecurity makes you feel anxious. So the only way to come out of it is practice. Learn the thing as well that when you are going to perform it is the only thing remains in your mind.
  3. When you are anxious about something just admit it that you are nervous. This helps your mind feel lot better and you can control it in a better way.
  4. It’s all in your brain. The brain is the force which makes you feel stronger or it can make you feel weaker. Try to convince your brain that you are not anxious.
  5. Try not to question your thoughts when you are feeling anxious. Just try to keep it as simple as you can. Just focus on the thing that you are going to do.
  6. You can also use positive thinking. When you are nervous about something remember your achievements in the past. This makes you feel more secure about yourself.
  7. Just go to quieter place and relax yourself. Sometimes quiet place can create a soothing effect for you. Just forget everything and keep you mind as calm as you can.
  8. The psychologists can also help you if you are not able to control your anxiety. The psychology sessions can be a great help in learning how to use the anxiety control techniques.

So the anxiety can be tackled easily. You just have to know the techniques and you can use them to control your anxiousness. Let me know your thoughts about the methods mention here in this article for anxiety control. You can know more from gold coast psychologist at Psycoaching.

Stress Relief Idea

The world is full of people who are in stress. There are many things in the world which can be the reason of stress. Some have job related problem, some have family issues, and other problems. So they start to do different things to relieve stress. Let’s read what can be done to relieve stress:


  1. The best way to reduce stress is to meditate. The meditation helps your mind to relax. You can get up early in the morning and so the meditation. This helps clear your thoughts and your mind feel free.
  2. You can also learn the technique of breathing when you feel suffocated with tension. There are breathing techniques which relaxes your mind. Take some time off from your work it can be some minutes and do the breathing exercise.
  3. You can build your social network to reduce stress. It helps when you reach out to others and share your feelings with them.
  4. Join the gym. You can focus your mind to building your body. This can help you build your body and develop mental strength.
  5. If all these techniques don’t help then you can always visit psychologist to relieve stress.

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Positive Psychology

The definition of psychology is as complicated as psychology itself. But still there are some methods in the psychology that are used by the psychologist which makes it more understandable. Positive psychology is one of those methods. It is recent branch of scientific psychology which helps to study the strengths of the individuals and communities who are not experiencing the amount of distress levels to thrive in their life.


The benefit of positive psychology is that examines the scattered theories and find out through research about what makes the life worth living and gives the theoretical structure for coaching psychology sessions. According to the psychology gurus the positive psychology can be defined into three areas of research as The Pleasant Life, The Good Life, The Meaningful Life. The pleasant life is related to enjoyment, The good life is related to engagement, The meaningful life is related to alliance. These three areas of life are relevant to work and maintain balance in life.

The core values include wisdom and knowledge, courage, justice and transcendence. The evidence for positive psychology is scientific theory and practice that is growing rapidly. As with new theories it takes time to fully understand about it but it is a right step towards development of positive psychology. You can understand more about positive psychology at gold coast psychologist.