Positive Psychology

The definition of psychology is as complicated as psychology itself. But still there are some methods in the psychology that are used by the psychologist which makes it more understandable. Positive psychology is one of those methods. It is recent branch of scientific psychology which helps to study the strengths of the individuals and communities who are not experiencing the amount of distress levels to thrive in their life.


The benefit of positive psychology is that examines the scattered theories and find out through research about what makes the life worth living and gives the theoretical structure for coaching psychology sessions. According to the psychology gurus the positive psychology can be defined into three areas of research as The Pleasant Life, The Good Life, The Meaningful Life. The pleasant life is related to enjoyment, The good life is related to engagement, The meaningful life is related to alliance. These three areas of life are relevant to work and maintain balance in life.

The core values include wisdom and knowledge, courage, justice and transcendence. The evidence for positive psychology is scientific theory and practice that is growing rapidly. As with new theories it takes time to fully understand about it but it is a right step towards development of positive psychology. You can understand more about positive psychology at gold coast psychologist.


2 thoughts on “Positive Psychology

  1. Hi, Thankyou for your comment.

    I Like your posts, very interesting and Psychology has been a big part of my life, but no more than on my recent renal transplant journey, which iv already introduced in some part in my last post.

    My next post will be about my Positivety in dealing with this journey that was a nightmare.

    Keep positive

    Purple Chick


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