Are You a Workaholic?

Psycho Girl

Humans by nature like to succeed. It’s something that gives us a great feeling of accomplishment and is also something that we all like to strive for. But can there be a thing as trying to succeed to much? Chances are if you’re not a workaholic, you know one. Trust me I know my fair share of workaholics. These tend to be the people who get the best grades in school and also become the highest in their career levels. But with this often times comes with neglecting your family, health, friends, and hobbies,. Often times these people are the Type A Personalities and can be the most stressed out in general.

If you find yourself to be a workaholic, its probably time to try and fix that before it becomes a habit, or if you’re already there, then trying to find a way to rewire your brain into a more healthy lifestyle…

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