Controlled by Our Imagination

The Neighborhood

Those who dream by day
are cognizant of many things
that escape those
who dream only by night.
– Edgar Allen Poe

controlled by our imagination Imagination is the highest kite one can fly. -cishore

On August 4, 1936, James Cleveland Owens, better known as Jesse, would flirt with disaster. A day removed from winning his first gold medal in the Olympic Games’ showcase event – the 100 meter finals – he had already established himself as the world’s fastest man by pulling away from the world class field at the 50 meter mark, leaving only dust in his wake; he also humbled a nation, that  was beginning to believe in a demagogue’s ideology of their being a master race,  called  Aryans, In fact, it may have been that humility of a people, or at least a person, that served as the catalyst for Jesse Owens to become an Olympic hero and an American…

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