Difference between Assertive and Aggressive

Many of us think that when they try to assert themselves others might think that they are aggressive. But there is a difference between the both.

Assertive person are polite in their opinion and make sure that they remain as respectful as they can when they try to say something to the other person. Aggressive person doesn’t care about other people’s opinion. They try to forcefully state their opinion. Passive is also another word we can use for the person who doesn’t let other people to say their mind. We can say passive aggressive also.

We can overcome it with positive thinking.


One thought on “Difference between Assertive and Aggressive

  1. It’s interesting listening and watching for the subtleties in this. Have to say I’m looking out for how people display their respect, and learning how to be mindful of maintaining a respectful awareness of others in all circumstances. Some people really have this, and it’s beautiful to watch and learn from. Others don’t, and the effect is far from beautiful! Thanks.

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