Life Coaching Origin

life-coaching-opportunity-quoteCritics see life coaching as akin to psychotherapy but without restrictions, oversight, regulation, or established ethical policies.┬áRegulators have addressed some of these concerns on a state-by-state basis. In 2009, the State of Tennessee issued a memorandum emphasizing that life coaches may be subject to discipline if they perform activities construable as personal, marital, or family counseling.┬áSome other states have made no formal statement but have legal statutes that broadly define mental-health practice. Hawaii, for example, defines the practice of psychology as any effort aimed at behavior change or to improve “interpersonal relationships, work and life adjustment, personal effectiveness, behavioral health, or mental health. You can even cure pelvic bone related problems. For more read here….


Depression can be tackled

The depression is not that easy to get rid of. With the right therapist and your dedication can certainly helps you come out of it. You always must keep in mind that you are in control over your mind while dealing with depression. Try not to think about it as much as you can. Keep yourself busy in other work. If you share it with other people then you will feel more pressured unless you are talking to the therapist.


Meditation certainly helps in lowering your blood pressure levels and makes your mood little lighter. If you mind feels light then positive energy starts flowing in to you. The depression symptoms tend to cure slowly. Its a long term method but it can cure depression. It saves your money and time on medication.

The appetite also plays important part in curing depression. If you eat healthy and regularly then your body feels healthier. If your body is healthy and getting the nutrients it needs then it helps in overcoming depression. How positive psychology can help read here..