Tips to Manage Stress and Anxiety

Stress is not what causes health problems. It’s how you handle stress in your life. Our mind would race a mile a minute with depressive and anxious thought. If you don’t handle it well or you just worry about it – eventually it will come out and attack your body. It’s important to find ways to lower your stress and anxiety. Just follow these ways to lower your stress and anxiety up to some extent.

Exercise daily-Exercise is the best way to relieve stress and get out your frustrations. It also will help you fall asleep better, so you don’t stay up thinking about your problems.

Eat well and balanced diet -You need to fuel your body with good food if you want to feel good.  Do not skip any meals. Do keep healthful, energy-boosting snacks on hand.

Maintain a positive attitude-Make an effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.


Take deep breaths– Inhale and exhale slowly.

Take a time-out-What they need most is what they avoid most – silence. This is where yoga is very good.

Get enough sleepWhen stressed, your body needs additional sleep and rest. This is something that often times will not come naturally. You will have to FORCE your body to rest.

Limit alcohol and caffeine-You need relaxation, not stimulation. You need to give your body a way to blow off steam. Take a walk or jog, workout, play a game of tennis etc.

Get involved- Volunteer or find another way to be active in your community, which creates a support network and gives you a break from everyday stress.

Maintain a positive attitude– Make an effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

If nothing works out seek professional counsel and talk with a friend. PSYCoaching is a one-of-a kind psychology and life coaching practice .It is open to all people willing to overcome their problems and find fulfillment in their lives. This way you can relax yourself and stay away from acute pain disorders like anterior pelvic tilt problems.


Positive Psychology Ideaology


Positive psychology is the branch of psychology that uses scientific understanding and effective intervention to aid in the achievement of a satisfactory life, rather than merely treating mental illness. Read More here…

Healthy Life Mantra


Eat healthy and you will stay fresh in your mind even with extra work you got to do the whole day. Healthy body means healthy mind. The healthy mind puts healthy thoughts and healthy thoughts means you are making constructive decisions in your life which will make you go towards success. For anterior pelvic tilt and how eating can make it better read here….

The Psychology in Australia

Every psychologist uses different techniques to do psychology sessions with their subjects. Because every country has different set of peoples with different language, behaviour and culture. Only the psychologist which is brought up in that particular environment tend to understand their subjects better. Same way the Australian psychologist know the psychology of Australian people better. So the best thing for Australian people to go to the Australian Psychologist like gold coast psychologist as he/she will understand your culture better and hence can help you ease into the session. You can read more about how Therapy works in Australia over here…..

Anger is Bad Why?

leadImageIf there is one common thing in everyone around the world is anger. You can find anger in saints, priests also. The anger is the most powerful emotion and anyone can destroy its life because of it. The anger tend to bring out the worst in you. The anger can be bad as well as good. The anger can be good if you channel it in the right direction. The channeled anger can lead you to newer heights and you can elevate yourself one level up in your life. The gold coast psychologist helps you channel your anger in the right direction. You can read more about anger ill effects over here…..